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Natural Vegan Complex

Enriched with Coconut, Rice, Aloe and Pear this luxurious blend of naturally vegan extracts delivers a healthy dose of active botanical to return softness, shine and lustre to all hair types.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is a wonderful emollient which creates softness and suppleness in the hair and skin. Rich in natural triglycerides and Lauric Acid, Coconut Oil has a natural affinity for hair proteins. Due to its low molecular weight and linear chain, it can penetrate effectively into the hair structure, enhancing strength, elasticity, natural bounce, suppleness and shine.

Hydrolysed Rice Protein

A highly nourishing protein substance that replenishes and conditions dry or damaged hair. Restores moisture and fortifies dry or damaged hair fabric. Provides significant natural volume to fine or flat textures. Optimising natural bounce, volume and shine in all hair types.

Aloe Vera

An intensely hydrating extract that assists to create a hydration memory for the hair and skin. Calms and cools, soothes redness and skin irritation. Quenches dryness and dehydration in all hair types.

Pear Extract

Rich in Vitamins, Carotenoids, Flavanols, and Minerals Pear Extract provides strength and balance to all hair types. It increases the moisture content of the hair and skin to provide a lasting hydration memory. Ensuring optimum condition and hydration are obtained.

Baobab Seed Extract

A deep-conditioning active which provides protein and plant recovery for the cortex; softens and smooths dry and damaged hair

Indigo Leaf Extract

Rich in minerals, proteins and deep natural indigo blue pigments, referred to as Black henna, helps to increase moisture, elasticity and lustre.

Elderflower Extract

A rich floral offering sublime softening and moisture replenishment for dry and damaged hair.

Quinoa Extract

Rich in natural minerals of Calcium, Iron and Phosphorus to protect hair and scalp and optimise strength, condition and elasticity in damaged hair fabric.

Agave Extract

Rich in natural Polysaccharides, preventing moisture loss and evaporation; optimises hydration in the cortex and cuticle layer.

Herbal Blend 7

A vegan friendly blend of concentrated natural botanicals to moisturise, soften and smooth the hair and skin. Imparts brilliance, shine and cuticle lustre.

Botanical flowers

Botanical flowers

Wheat Protein

Assists in repairing dry or damaged hair, provides internal strength and external protection. Equalises porosity, corrects moisture balance, improving elasticity and texture of the hair.


Rosemary is rich in Volatile Oils, Flavonoids and Phenolic Acids, which are antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial to balance sebum and impurities.


A powerful anti-inflammatory with anti-microbial properties, soothes the skin.


A medicinal herb enriched with Vitamins A and C and healing nutrients. A cross between water-mint and spearmint, cooling, calming, revitalizing and refreshing the skin.


Provides refreshment and soothing to itchy skins, stimulating the lymph system to eliminate toxins. Protects hair and skin from environmental pollutants.


Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiproliferative properties used to soothe and treat skin irritations, provides a relaxing beautiful aroma.

Marine Collagen

A fibrous protein providing strength, support and resilience to fortify the hair structure. Infuses essential hydration to prevent natural moisture loss and dehydration.

Sea Moss

Rich in Iodine and Magnesium, infusing natural amino acids and nutrients to correct moisture balance. Helps prevent colour fade and prevent structural stress.

Sea Kelp

A rich source of vitamins, especially the B vitamins, as well as many valuable trace elements and minerals.

Sea Algae

Brown, red and green algae, rich in vitamins and sea minerals, promotes a deep hydrating effect for hair and skin.

Sea Salt

A natural anti-bacterial and astringent to purify and revitalize, freshens and enriches the hair and scalp. Provides thickening styling effect and beach texture to the hair.

Argan Oil

A powerful anti-ageing oil derived from Moroccan Argan Trees. Imparts brilliance and shine to the cuticle layer, protects hair from UV light and temperature extremes.

Bio-Marine Complex

An ocean inspired complex, naturally rich in Marine Collagen, Sea Moss, Sea Kelp, Sea Algae, thickening Chitosan and purifying Sea Salt and returns and restores optimum condition to all hair types.


Assists with inhibiting the enzyme responsible for the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Helps encourage scalp health, balances hair production.


Almond Milk and Oil; vegan friendly protein replenishment providing rich moisturising and conditioning. Assists with repair, softness and shine. Contains emollient properties, high in Vitamin E.


A Beta Hydroxyl Acid obtained from the leaves of birch trees. A superior exfoliating extract able to penetrate the sebaceous gland to purify and remove unwanted bacteria or residue.


A versatile herbal ingredient, rich in antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Stimulating hair and scalp for fast skin renewal and recovery.

Apricot Kernel Oil

A light, natural emollient that enhances styling control and promotes a tousled textured appearance.

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