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NAK Hair 2022 Signature Holiday Collection

NAK Hair x Britty Flynn

Melbourne based artist Britty Flynn is known for filling her canvas with vibrant emotion and colourful vignettes of modern life.

Bright, vibrant & joyful, Britty’s work is a true reflection of self, with a unique sense of fun which leaps so easily from to the canvas to those who view it. 

We are honoured to celebrate our collaboration with Britty Flynn for the NAK Hair 2022 Signature Holiday Collection, featuring her original artwork titled ‘Tropical Punch’, which so perfectly showcases her distinct and vivid aesthetic.

“I feel each piece that I paint tells its own story, and I love that the viewer can kind of come up with their own interpretation of the piece”

We recently caught up with Britty to discuss her artistic process, what life as an artist looks like and why Margarita’s are her signature cocktail.

We have noticed that cocktails feature in your beautiful tablescapes, what is your Signature Cocktail?

My signature cocktail is 100% margaritas! I love how strong and zesty they are, my two favourite combos. They're delicious.

Your art is very eclectic, how would you describe your art in 3 words?

One, whimsical. I use lots of random objects, patterns, styles and lines in my work.

Two, would be colourful. I love colour and I try to incorporate it into my work as much as I can, especially vibrant colours because they just are the most fun to work with.

Three, would be unique because I feel each piece that I paint tells its own story, and I love that the viewer can kind of come up with their own interpretation of the piece.

If you could paint with one colour only, what colour would that be?

If I could paint with one colour for the rest of my life it would have to be pink, it's my colour! And I used to have pink hair, so clearly, I love it.

How do you describe your style of art?

I would describe my style of art as whimsical, playful and colourful. I've got a large variety of styles, so I don't really put myself into a box. I like to experiment with different styles and processes.


We love how eccentric and interesting your art is, that we discover something new every time we look. Can you walk us through how you bring your artworks to life?

Firstly, I’ll start with all the colours on the palette; mix them around and come up with a few variations of shades. Vibrant ones, and also not so vibrant. Then I'll pick up paintbrush to canvas, and I guess I'll just jump right in. There's no real thought process to it, I like to just have spontaneous shapes come to mind, I guess like a dance on the canvas.

Can you walk us through what a typical day in your studio is like? 

I wake up really early lately. I'll start my day around 6.30 go down to my local cafe, grab my favourite coffee - oat latte - and head back up to the studio. Then I'll jump onto the canvas for about 5 to 6 hours, then get into all the admin stuff, so ordering supplies and doing emails, going to the post office so that boring stuff. But I won't get into that.

What about outside of the studio, what do you like to do when you’re not creating art?

If I'm not in the studio, I'm hanging out with my partner Ollie, we do everything together. We love going to bars, cafes, restaurants, and especially speakeasies.

We are so excited to have collaborated with you for our NAK Hair 2022 Holiday collection. Can you share a little bit about the inspiration behind the ‘Tropical Punch’ commission?

I knew straight away that the focus needed to be pink. It's my colour and I absolutely love working with it. I'm inspired by a lot of vibrant, fun colours and I felt it would work really well with the packaging and the NAK Hair branding.

What were your first thoughts when you saw your artwork come to life as our Holiday Collection packaging?

I'm just so excited! I couldn't believe that my artwork was on a box, and it really blew me away.


The art world is notoriously hard to break into. What advice to you have for emerging artists who are looking to make art their full-time career like you?

My advice for any aspiring artist is to never give up and stay authentic to who you are. Find inspiration from others, but not to copy, and practice your craft everyday.

What’s next for you Britty?

Something that I'm super excited about is I've just moved from Sydney to Melbourne with my partner, which has been a big long-term goal of ours. We've also got a trip coming up to America in November, so I hope to find a lot of inspiration while I’m there.

In the long term, I’m always focused on the goal of having my own studio gallery.


The NAK Hair 2022 Signature Holiday Collection is available now at all NAK Hair salons & retailers.

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