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The trend has almost become the same thing but the true Balayage look is more of a natural freestyle colouring technique that results in a natural sun kissed look. Balayage is the French word for sweep, the technique allows for a natural multidimensional colour that perhaps looks a little more organic and is designed to enhance the client’s natural or overall colour. 

Ombre is more of a solid colour transitioning from darker roots through to lighter ends. This is probably what we have seen mostly in the last few years. This trend alternates from almost black roots to platinum ends, to more subtle versions.

So why do we love it?

Isn’t it obvious? It’s allowing us to bend the rules. Someone who is naturally dark can pull off being a blonde, as the colour that flatters them best is still sitting closest to their skin and eyebrow colour doesn’t look out of whack. Ombre has been a strong look and its popularity is largely due to its versatility. 

We have seen the more extreme Ombre fad, which is more like ‘dip dye’ slowly fade away and people have once again gravitate towards the more natural Balayage. Gisele Bundchen is one of our favourite celebs sporting what I call timeless colour; Balayage at its best. 

For the everyday person it's low maintenance, looks fabulous and means you can get away with waiting a little longer between salon visits. 

For our colourists it’s brought back creativity, less colour over all means our hair is feeling better for it and we are not having to battle natural underlying pigment and the dreaded root flare! 

What’s not to love! 

Until next time...

The NAK Collective

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