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Crisp Blonde

Pick the hair colour perfect for you! We've taken the guess work out of colouring and created a go-to guide with colours for every skin tone.

If you’re one of the few lucky ones blessed with fair hair naturally, we’d hazard a guess you’ve also got blue or green eyes. You fortunately have the perfect palette consisting of fair skin and light eyes to pull this look off. Congratulations you’re few and far between.

Smokey Blonde

The palest of blondes that has a hint of ash and offers an almost silver glow. Smokey Blonde works extremely well with pale skin tones particularly if you’ve got rosy undertones to your skin. To maintain your Smokey Blonde be sure to perfect your home care rituals. Silver Pearl Colour Masque anyone?

Blush Blonde

Fair skin friends unite! This warm, feminine blush shade works for warm skin tones as well as it does for cooler skin tones.

Warm Blonde

When you’re thinking of a warm blonde, imagine soft, golden sand undertones, far from yellow (yuk). A warm blonde gives you the ultimate glow and is the perfect shade for warm skin tones and light eyes.

Biscuit Blonde

By nature, a biscuit blonde hair colour tends to be more radiant because of its depth. Being a darker blonde or as we like to say a rich blonde, this colour is great for warmer skin tones and any eye colour. This biscuit won’t add the calories!

Beige Blonde

Usually synonymous with boring, Beige Blonde is anything but! This champagne hue compliments rosy undertones and light eyes.


A light brown with blonde dimensions, butterscotch hair colour works for medium, warm skin tones. This colour is a great cross over from blonde to brown and perfect for the low maintenance kind of gal!

Light Brown

Light brown hair typically looks natural and one dimensional. Medium skin tones work well, both cool or warm. Light brown is the perfect tone to offset the odd highlight if you’re feeling adventurous.

Cool Brown

Cool skin tone, cool brown. Match made in heaven!

Golden Brown

Just like combining your bronzer and highlighter, golden brown hair is the quintessential sun kissed hue and works well with any eye colour and warmer skin tones.


A yummy hair tone that melts effortlessly with medium and olive skin tones topped off with hazel or brown eyes. Delicious!


Just like its namesake, espresso is intense, rich, exudes luxury and packs a punch. This liquid gold is ideal for medium and darker skin tones and darker eye colours.

Jet Black

Not for the faint hearted, jet black hair demands attention and is super light reflective. Best worn on darker skin tones but if you really want to push the boundaries, lighter skins can rock this look too, so shine shine shine!


Fierce, fiery and fantastic, copper tops stand out in a crowd. This bold and brassy hue is the closest you’ll get to a natural red head; so it’s perfect on fair skin and light eyes, in particular green.


High voltage reds deserve attention as much as they require it. Maintenance is the key to keeping this look electric. Surprisingly this colour can be worn by all skin tones and all eye shades.

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