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How To Get An Insta-worthy Hair Pic

Mind the Background

We know how tricky it can be to get the perfect Instagram pic with your phone. Any Instagram enthusiast knows it often takes about 5-10 tries to get it right. It’s all about trial and error, not point and shoot. Along the way we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks we’d love to share, that’ll help you nail it every time!

One of the most important aspects to any Instagram image is the background. There is nothing worse than beautiful hair being over shadowed by a cluttered background. Simple is best, so a clean, white wall should be all that’s needed. For those a little more confident, try different textures or incorporating greenery.

Keep it Clean & Bright
  • Lighting is key; no amount of filtering can fix a photo with terrible lighting. Natural light is always best, so find a spot that gets good natural light (not direct sunlight) and you’ve got a winner!

  • A clean camera is essential, make sure to wipe the lens clean before you take the photo. A dirty lens can make photos look grainy or out of focus. 

Composition & Gridlines
  • All smartphones have a gridline feature, which helps to aid in photo composition. Turn it on to make sure your image is centred.

  • Try different angles - back, front, side on and head down.

  • When taking before and afters, always try to recreate the same angle, lighting and location for continuity purposes.

Filters & Apps
  • We tend to avoid using filters and apps that will change the way hair looks and you shouldn’t have to if you stick to the steps above.

  • Keep in mind that people will be less likely to stop on a photo they can’t easily identify, so often mirrored images get less engagement.

Don’t overthink the process. These tips may seem like a lot but it’s all about expressing your personal style or brand and having fun.

Until next time…

The NAK Collective 

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