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Introducing NAK Hair Permanent and Soft - Colour with Integrity.

Colour with Integrity

The wait is finally over, introducing NAK Hair Permanent and Soft - Colour with Integrity. 

Colour success begins with mastering basic principles, fortifying existing knowledge and perfecting practical techniques. Once mastered, you arrive at a space where confidence reigns and the imagination runs free. You no longer colour, you create.

For us, hair colour is not just about pigments in a tube, it’s a question of integrity. It’s who we are and what we stand for. Our years of industry experience, colour expertise and knowledge are the guiding principles and reason we created NAK Permanent - colour with integrity.

White Tea & Orchid Butter

A contemporary colour collection, exclusively designed for salons, delivering true tone and colour brilliance, that only a hairdresser knows. A collaboration of chemistry, science, nature and artistry, designed for colour success.

Enriched with White Tea and Orchid Butter, featuring Sulphate free and Paraben free ingredients, ensuring colour longevity, whilst respecting the delicate nature of hair and skin.

Endless Colour Story

NAK Permanent is formulated with chromatic micro-pigment technology, purified to the highest of standards. Blended with the lowest possible ammonia levels for gentle processing, penetrating hair fabric with ease, depositing rich colour saturation and conditioning luminosity.

Experience an infinite choice of shades, harmonising beautifully with NAK Soft - colour with integrity. Discover an endless colour story, inspiring creative colour design and expression. Innovated to push your colour business into full bloom.

Until next time...
The NAK Collective 

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