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Leave-in Treatments

No matter what season, healthy hair is your number one accessory. Treatments offer endless benefits and are available in many varieties to suit your lifestyle.

The hair doesn't need to be in poor condition, damaged or dry to benefit from a treatment - prevention is always better than cure.

Whether you desire more strength and volume, moisture to de-frizz your hair or are simply looking for a soft, silky feeling; finding the right treatment/s for you is easy when you know what you’re looking for.  

Treatments can also offer added benefits that don't just improve the hairs condition.

  • lock-in colour

  • protect against heat damaged from your hair-dryer or straightener

  • refresh hair colour

  • assist with styling

What does your hair need? It’s important to discuss your hairs needs with your stylist. You may find that your hairdresser recommends several different products. This is because your hair may have several requirements that one product won't be able to remedy.

Leave-in hair treatments are ideal for that instant fix and can be applied to damp or dry hair. A leave-in treatment will not replace your conditioner; consider this your third step in your cleansing routine.

Leave-in treatments can also be used daily to assist with styling or to add moisture in between shampoos.

These are some of our favourite leave-in treatments. 

Rinse Out Treatments

Rinse out treatments offer deeper conditioning benefits and are applied to damp, freshly shampooed hair.

Rinse out treatments can complement your normal cleansing routine by either replacing your conditioner or as well as, for a more intensive moisture boost.

These are some of our favourite rinse out treatments. 

TIP: For chemically treated hair we recommend using both a leave-in treatment and a rinse out treatment for optimum results. 

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