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Real Talk - Colour Fade & How to Prevent It

Ask your colourist about colour preparation

Pay particular attention to how your hair feels before a colour. Does it feel fragile or dry with a rough texture? This may be a sign that your hair is porous. Porous hair is hair that has an open cuticle or has previously been damaged, it will have little or no shine. A closed cuticle layer is ideal for long-lasting, brilliant colour, enhanced shine and a soft, smooth feel.

When you’re in the salon next, ask your colourist about colour preparation; you may not notice but it's happening.

Colour Support Porosity Equaliser is the go-to product for colour prep. It is a brilliant leave-in protein treatment and body builder, that primes the hair and balances out the porosity for an even colour result from roots to ends. This will directly improve the lasting ability of your colour.

Have you thought about at home colour insurance

Have you thought about at home colour insurance? Colour Fix is a leave-in colour locking treatment that will reduce colour fade and increase shine. By using a Colour Fix you will instantly smooth and seal down the cuticle layer, therefore locking in colour pigment and reducing colour fade.

If you have extremely fine, flat, limp or oily hair then Colour Fix is the answer to your prayers. Being a weightless formula the product won’t make your roots oily; in fact, it will give you more volume and lift.

Simple and easy to use, just turn the cap clockwise to activate the two phase formula and shake well. Then turn cap anti-clockwise to open nozzle, sprinkle evenly throughout your hair. Use after every shampoo and condition for optimum colour longevity.

There are two to choose from, so which one is for you?

Colour Fix Anti-Fade Treatment is perfect for all types of colours; it softens and adds moisture but most importantly locks that cuticle down to reduce fade.

Colour Fix Blonde Plus Anti-Yellow Treatment with Blue-Violet pigments assist to neutralise strong yellow, gold and brassy tones and lock in colour. 

Tip: Colour Fix Blonde Plus isn't just for blonde hair. Black, blue black and violet colours will also benefit from the added blue and violet tones.

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