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Who needs a Thermal Protector?

A little truth about heat styling tools - All heat styling tools will eventually lead to colour fade. Direct heat from styling tools, the sun and other environmental factors will contribute to this colour fade. Using a thermal protector will slow down this process and if used consistently can eliminate colour fade. 

Who needs a Thermal Protector? Everyone can benefit from a thermal protector. If preserving your precious reflect is high on the priority list or you are addicted to the hair straightener, curling iron, or blow-dryer, (tools which can make hair dry and brittle) then a thermal protector will be your best friend.

Some thermal protectors also have other hair styling benefits that include, strengthening, detangling, eliminating frizz and can help to manage your style.

What if my shampoo, conditioner & other styling products claim they have heat protection; do I still need to use a thermal protector?

These products do offer a degree of thermal protection. We would recommend when choosing your home care to consider the benefits of added thermal protection. Heat styling is very damaging to the hair and can cause breakage.

However if you are regularly using direct heat from styling tools, we recommend using a product specifically designed for thermal protecting.

What is the best thermal protector for me?

NAK offer two different Thermal Protectors:

Thermal Sheild's revolutionary aerosol delivery system is light-weight and suitable for all hair types, even the finest of hair.

If you use heat styling tools daily, but do not wet your hair every day, you will love this airy, thermal application.

Thermal Shield benefits include:

  • Weather proofing hair against humidity

  • Super light hold

  • Extends the life of your style

  • Can be used as a light hairspray

  • Eliminates frizz.

Scalp to Hair Thermal Protector is a dual action conditioning and thermal protection spray suitable for all hair types.

The difference with Scalp to Hair Thermal Protector is that it provides:

  • Detangling, strengthening and smoothing properties to fragile hair as well as offering thermal protection.

  • Added UV protection in this product will help reduce the sun’s harmful effects, colour fade and other environmental factors.

  • A great alternative to a leave-in detangling spray

  • Refresh hair between ironing sessions.

By now, you might have figured out that there is a place for all three thermal protectors in your hair regime. Be open to the idea of utilising each of these thermal protectors depending on your desired look. If you like to mix up your style, you will want to have more than one thermal option.


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