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Fine Hair

Fine hair refers to hair that is very fine in diameter. Density refers to the number of strands on the entire scalp. In fact you can have fine textured hair with a medium density. Each single hair strand has a sebaceous gland attached to it and therefore fine hair will appear oily, limp and flat more quickly than other textures. Fine hair is best shampooed with Volume Shampoo and Conditioner each day. 

Styling Fine Hair

Styling fine hair is the delicate balance between providing body, bounce and fullness without weighing the hair down. NAK Volume Foam and Sheer Styling Glaze both allow for the correct amount of hold and support when styling. Alternatively to achieve a similar result with extra volume at the root area, try our High Volume Texture Spray or Root Lift Mist  that provide fine hair with root lift and texture. As a final step use our Thermal Shield to shield hair from humidity and environmental factors.

Medium Hair

If you have medium textured hair your hair will have a combination of needs often healthy roots and dehydrated mid lengths and ends. The individual strands will feel normal textured; medium textured hair usually requires increased moisture to help manage the condition due to its wider diameter. NAK Signature Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner will provide balance for the needs of drier strands with newer roots.

Styling Medium Hair

Medium textured hair can be prone to frizzing, choose lightweight smoothing products that will tame frizz and not weigh your style down. Sea Salt Mist is ideal for a natural tousled relaxed look, Options Sculpting Lotion for light hydrated styling control, or Curls Crème works beautifully to tame curl or frizz.

Coarse Hair

Coarse hair is more difficult to manage and often feels rough or dry to touch. Coarse hair can be naturally frizzy, dry and problematic. The diameter of coarse hair strands is the largest of all textures, making it vulnerable to moisture evaporation and dry parched ends. We recommend using rich emollient textured creams and smoothing serums to tame frizz and quench the feel of dry rough hair. Choose from our Signature Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner or select from our exquisitely replenishing products from the Luxe Botanical range Aromas.

Styling Coarse Hair

Be gentle and protect coarse hair with leave-in treatment stylers such as Ultimate Potion leave-in treatment. Layer Ultimate Potion over the top of Replends leave-in moisturising crème. Spray on Thermal Shield to allow safe styling whilst blow-drying and again to finish as a final step to maximize heat and humidity protection and weatherproof hair. For an invisible lustre on coarse dry hair, mist on Shine Mist

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