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We get down and dirty with our resident hair Doctor Corie Simperler and she tells us everything we need to know about prevention of oily hair, dandruff, acne prone skin, washing your hair and hair loss.

'In my experience, these are just a few of the most frequently asked questions I get in my salon. So hopefully, I’ll help to answer some of those burning questions you’ve always had!'

Oily Hair  

Did you know oily hair can be caused by excessive intake of natural oils? If you find your hair getting oilier, consider if you’ve had any changes in your diet. Some of the main culprits can be Avocado, salmon and fish oil capsules. To battle this try reducing the amount of natural oils in your diet, or switch your Shampoo and Conditioner to the Volume Range. Its unique formulation helps strip excess oil from the hair and scalp leaving the hair, soft, shiny and voluminous.

A helpful tip for teenagers out there starting to get pimples or adults with acne prone skin; the excess oil from your hair could be an added factor to this problem. Try and keep your hair off your face and shampoo daily.


Most people at some point in their lives have suffered from dandruff; it’s one of the most common scalp conditions, but also one of the most misunderstood.

Dandruff is not always caused by a dry scalp, in most cases it’s the reverse! An oily scalp can cause dandruff as well as things like pulling your hair back into a ponytail while it’s still wet.

Our Dandruff Control is great to keep in the shower to help resolve this problem, followed by one of our conditioners.

How frequently should you wash your hair?

There is no right or wrong answer as to how often you should shampoo your hair. It isn’t the shampooing that affects the hair it is your body and the environment. So what it comes down to is how your scalp functions.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is usually caused by some form of change in the body and will generally occur three months after the change takes place. Some of the causes could be stress, anaesthetic, sickness, weight loss, change of diet or breast feeding. Menopause and medications can also cause hair loss.

The hair usually falls out for about four weeks but thankfully it does grow back. If it does last longer you should see your medical practitioner. 

To help battle hair loss I recommend our Scalp to Hair Range which helps to promote and stimulate new hair growth by focusing on the scalp skin.

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