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Truth or Myth

My Hair Just Doesn't Grow?

Guess what? There is some truth to this.

Hair has three phases of hair growth, the Anagen, Catagen and Telogen phase. Anagen is the active growth phase and up to 85% of the hair is in this phase and can last up to 8 years. Catagen is known as the transitional phase and Telogen the resting phase, (better known as the falling out phase.)

All hair has this same cycle, so if you feel you’re experiencing more hair loss than normal it’s more than likely that you just have more hair in the Telogen phase at that particular time.

This is why it’s not only a huge accomplishment for someone to have extremely long hair but it’s actually rare that the hair stays so long in either the Anagen or growing phase.

For the unlucky ones whose hair just won’t make it past the bra strap or sometime even your shoulders, the sad truth is that it may never get there.

What it means for you is that your hair goes into the Telogen phase a little earlier than some.

Should I Alternate My Haircare Routine?

Well put simply, yes! Is your hair always the same? Most likely no! Like your skin, lifestyle changes affect your hair too.

Perhaps your hair is in better condition and you may not need something as heavy or it may go through a drier period and require products that are more hydrating. If it’s humid and sticky outside, perhaps consider products that have thermal shield and a little more cleansing to clean the scalp of any excess oil or impurities.

One of the questions I get asked most frequently from my clients is have the ingredients changed? Most of the time it’s the hair that has changed not the product.

Hair - The Dirtier the Better When Seeing Your Hairstylist for Colour.

Ok guys I see this again and again in the salon, clients think it’s a good idea to come in smelling like you have just ran a marathon after two nights of partying in a smoke-filled nightclub...eeek!

Yes, having oil on the scalp to avoid irritation is a good idea and yes, your natural oils do work beautifully to avoid unnecessary discomfort but when you come with hair that is too dirty, you compromise the colour.

These days we are using products that are much better for the skin and scalp, so if you want that fabulous blanket coverage and intense results, take it from me, less is more. Consider what is not an obvious amount of oil on the scalp and go with that, otherwise your hairdresser will need to wash it and you’ve defeated the purpose.

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