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What Your Stylist Wants You To Know

Book a Consult

If it’s your first time at a new salon or you are after a big change, book a consult in with your stylist. Having a consult allows you to discuss your options, feel comfortable and get a quote so there are no surprises later. 

Bring in Lots of Pictures

Bringing pictures with you helps your stylist visualise exactly what you want – it also means your stylist can go through any unrealistic expectations you might have right from the get go.  

Be Honest About Wanting a Change

A good stylist should always ask, but in case they don’t, speak up - if you want a change, tell them. 

Creative Colour Can Take Time and May Be Expensive

Creative colour is certainly hot right now but involves a lot of skill and time therefore can be expensive. Be realistic about ongoing cost and maintenance. 

Trendy Colour Fades Fast

Do not enter the world of trend colours if home care is not part of your budget. As fun as they are, pastels and bright hair colours fade fast (usually after 5 to 8 shampoos) and require maintenance. Regular appointments are a must. 

Colour Correction Takes Time and Can Be Expensive

Correcting years of box colour or removing a build-up can take time. Divulge your hair history and be clear about what you’d like the end result to be. Your stylist should be able to give you an indication of what’s achievable and in what time frame. 

Home Haircare Is Important

At home haircare is just as important as a good cut and colour. Make sure you’re investing in quality products that do the job they say they will and get recommendations from your stylists. Use a masque once a week and always use a thermal protector. 

Permanent Colour Is Not What You Think

Don’t be fooled, using permanent colour does not mean that your colour will be brighter or last longer than a semi-permanent colour. It’s more about what you hair requires. Permanent colour is typically only used on roots (natural hair) to lighten or to cover pesky greys. Semi-permanent colour is great for refreshing, adding gloss and improving general health of the hair so be open to a combination of options to create your dream result. 

Going from Light to Dark

Be paitent, it's a process. 

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