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White Out

'Do your hair-work'

We’ve all seen celebrities and beauty gurus changing their hair from season to season; most impressively dark to light, in seemingly no time at all.

Before you believe the hype, do your hair-work.

If you’re blessed with darker, thicker hair, bear in mind the challenge you face in achieving your desired blonde shade, as your hair will take longer to lighten. If you have dark hair, consider a Beyoncé blonde rather than a Taylor Swift white blonde.

Your previous chemical service may restrict you. The condition of your hair is the number one reason why stylists would advise you against going blonde. No one wants broken, dry or brittle hair.

Be open to the idea of a style change. Even your favourite celebs have had to cut their hair short to go blonde. By going shorter it will reduce cost and make it easier to achieve a beautiful blonde from roots to ends.

Being blonde will require having your hair done every 4 - 6 weeks. If left longer it could result in a gold band left between the roots and the previous colour which isn’t cute and is hard to remove. Removing this band also puts undue stress on the hair and may cause breakage.

'It’s a journey'

If you've coloured your hair previously, it will take more than one visit to achieve your desired blonde shade. Coloured hair doesn't lighten like natural hair and this process is considered colour correction. It’s a journey and can take up to 6 months; however, if you stay committed it’ll be worth it in the end.  

Be committed, going blonde can be a costly experience.

Going blonde is going to change the texture of your hair and the way it feels. It does cause added stress on the hair and requires more TLC.

'Homecare is key'

Take your stylist’s homecare recommendations seriously, as maintenance will be left up to you between salon visits. Using blonde shampoos, colour masques, a toning mousse and other toning hair products are a must to prevent that beautiful blonde from going brassy.

You may have to change the shampoo and conditioner that you’re using and do regular treatments (twice a week.) A daily moisturiser is a must, as well as using a thermal protection spray when heat styling.

Regular haircuts will ensure your ends stay looking beautiful and prevent split-ends from traveling further up the hair shaft.

The forecast for winter is in and it’s going to be a white one.

Until next time…
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