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The aspiring colourist, stylist and salon

We invite you to continue your journey of creative learning and join us for either one of our face-to-face seminars or our online education webinars.

Expanding upon the successful launch of our online education, we will continue to offer this unique opportunity and colour learning; a fresh way to strengthen knowledge, learning at your own pace and in your own time.

You Ask We Listened 

Our 2020 creative portfolio moves beyond theory to include the most extensive practical learnings required for today’s modern salon. We’re excited by the introduction of bespoke education, inspirational classes, practical hands-on workshops and layers of new styling and colouring formats.

Our goal is always to lead and inspire salons to reach for more. Create your own kind of salon magic to become the very best colourist, stylist or salon you can be.

Book now  - NAK 2020 Education Program

Welcome to our best year of education at NAK Hair!

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