Solution-focused, science-backed.

In the world according to ROH, ‘your good hair day’ gets a major upgrade to ‘great scalp day’. 
Because we know that’s where the real story starts: right at your root. 

Our universal scalp and hair care range focuses on nurturing, protecting and repairing your scalp microbiome, with products rooted in hair science for your happiest, healthiest hair ever. Whether you’re aiming to soothe that itchy scalp, reduce flaking or achieve healthier hair, our selection of actives work at the root of the problem.

We are solution-focused, science-backed and obsessed with using the most efficacious ingredients inside our ROH Elixir.

Australian Made + Owned VEGAN Scientifically Formulated

The ROH Elixir

When we talk about our Elixir, we’re not just throwing around fancy words. The Elixir has been scientifically formulated, with solution focused actives.

Designed to immediately transform your scalp and strands with post-biotic technology, it ensures Amino Acids and our key actives are infused at the roots.

The Elixir is at the core of (almost) all our products. Basically, it’s the thing that makes ROH so uniquely effective.

Our Ingredient Base

  • Fermented Technology

  • Functional Peptide
    & Amino Acids

  • Green Caviar

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