Summer Self Care For Your Hair

Summer Self Care For Your Hair

This summer is set to be one of the hottest on record, and now is the time to introduce a hydrating hair routine for the extreme temperatures.

ORI Lab is the haircare equivalent of a clean beauty regime - organic haircare that uses powerful skincare ingredients sourced sustainably from nature. It's science-backed formulas can transform hair in any season, especially summer.

Here are our summer haircare selections:

ORI Lab Ends Remedy Tube
ORI Lab Ends Remedy

Ideal for those long summer days at the beach, Ends Remedy has a smoothing and detangling function that can tease out the most stubborn knots. This products also protects from environmental factors - use it for styling or as a daily leave-in moisturiser.

ORI Lab Moisture Foam Bottle
ORI Lab Moisture Foam

Your new swimming companion! Use Moisture Foam after a post-swim shampoo, scrunching through your hair and letting it air dry. The product effortlessly awakens hair, waves and curls and dries soft to the touch.

ORI Lab Restore Treatment

When your locks have dried out from the humidity and heat, use Restore Treatment to hydrate and detangle all hair types. Use it once a week after cleansing, leaving in for 5-10 minutes before rinsing, and you'll notice weightless moisture soaks in to your hair strands.


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